About Us



“YEGHVARD NECTAR” specialized organization is one of the largest beekeeping farms in Armenia. It is known as a traditional farm. It is also known for its modern production features. It has an annual dynamic development and serious prospects.

The organization provides high quality, ecologically clean honey due to its knowledgeable and caring specialists which is in demand by the Armenian and many foreign organizations.

The Beekeeping Farm moves to different parts of Armenia during the year and the bee cultivates nectar from flowers and trees of different settlements.

The quality of honey of “Yeghvard Nectar” organization is the highest in Armenia according to the results of scientific research. Armenian honey ranks first position in the list of honey produced in the world according to the international indicators.

This organization with healthy and active bee colonies, ecologically clean, high quality economy has a diverse production. It, as an agricultural production company, technologically processes its products and turns them into products. The company highlights floral nectar and cereals types among many products, which are:

  1. Floral nectar:
  2. Pure flower honey
  3. Honey with beeswax
  4. Honey with curd
  5. Perga honey
  6. Honey with bee pollen
  7. Honey with propolis
  8. Honey with bee milk
  9. Honey with drone milk
  10. May honey or brood honey
  11. Cereals:
  12. Honey with nuts
  13. Honey with almonds
  14. Honey with hazelnuts
  15. Honey with roasted-mixed-nuts /Indian nut/
  16. Honey with apricot kernel
  17. Honey with peanuts
  18. Honey with pistachios

16 names with 40 assortments and other health food products.

The “brand” of the company is of special interest.

  1. Barrels of honey
  2. Square frames
  3. Hexagonal frames
  4. Honey with bee milk
  5. Honey with drone milk
  6. “Diplomat” honey
  7. Travel honey

And  other interesting products.

The company produces honey vodka (of medical and health significance), which arouse high territorial interests.

It is planned to produce the following types of honey vodka.

  1. Pure honey vodka
  2. Sea buckthorn vodka with honey
  3. Quince vodka with honey
  4. Plum vodka with honey
  5. Apricot vodka with honey
  6. Peach vodka with honey
  7. Pear vodka with honey

The company has also initiated the production of the latest production line, which, with the help of modern technical and technological means, organizes the production of various assortments of bee milk production of health significance. The following stand out in that series:

  1. Congenital bee milk and drone milk
  2. Production range in the form of tablet and capsules with bee milk and drone milk materials
  3. Assortment of creams containing bee milk and drone milk
  4. Assortment of decoctions with bee milk and drone milk
  5. Bee milk and drone milk with beeswax and propolis

Soon it is planned to start the production of medicines in the form of tablets and capsules.

In addition to the intended products, the food assortment in box form is of great importance: for example, packages (“package”) of  15 grams (for children) and 20 grams (for adults),  the use of which is of special importance.

All the products of the company are already known for their healthy and treating properties.

The company has and continues to acquire laboratory-technical means, relevant building, structures and other technical means meeting GMP international standards.