About Honey





is a whole arsenal of

powerful preventative healthcare,

healing remedies”



 Honey is an exceptionally important food and medicine. It is the only food that is absorbed into the human organism without a residue, providing a stable, natural rhythm to the bloodstream. When taking honey, the body (especially children) gains muscle strength, the body relaxes and becomes flexible, the nerves relax and refresh. Honey raises person’s mood, broadens the mental horizons, when it is taken before bed, it brings a peaceful sleep.

In the world practice, Armenian honey has a special place in the production of high-quality honey.

According to the specialists (including specialists of international importance), Armenian honey has unique advantages due to Armenia’s climatic conditions. The high quality features of Armenian honey are explained by the diversity of natural vegetation, relief, climate diversity, water, climatic, geographical and other features. Armenian honey is the result of more than 700 flower species and more than 300 tree species, from which bees take nectar and pollen and cultivate…

The climatic conditions of the Armenian highlands, especially the flower and tree species, are very favorable for bee breeding and for obtaining abundant and high-quality honey. The vegetation is diverse. It is mainly forest, sub-alpine and alpine meadow vegetation. The so-called flower rugs with multicolored nectar flowers occupy a lot of space.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]