Terms and conditions

Delivery and payment

Delivery order

Delivery in Yerevan is made within 1 hour, depending on the order and on the address specified by the customer. The following tariffs and period are valid for delivery:

Shipping, packaging and other costs are covered by the buyer. The price listed on the Website does not include shipping and other costs. Each buyer has the opportunity to choose the delivery option (shipping cost, time).

Payment method

Payment at Royaljelly-honey.com is made in two ways: online or cash. Online payments are made through ARCA, ACBA CREDIT AGRICOL BANK online banking and idram payment systems. Cardholders of ARCA, Virtual ARCA, Visa and MasterCard are supported.

Cash payments are made at the time of delivery in AMD. Payment is also accepted via Pos terminal.

  1. Royaljelly-honey.com has the right to correct any payment error found by it as prescribed in User Protection Rules for returning or refunding the amount specified in the Royaljelly-honey.com in the way of transferring or debiting funds to the user relevant payment system.
  2. After the Goods to be purchased have been selected and added to the Customer Cart, the Customer initiates the Order Placement process, during which he has to choose one of the payment options available on the Website.
  3. If an online payment option is selected, the Customer is redirected to an external website for the online payment. Customer order (Purchase Order) is considered accepted when online payment is succeeded and the funds are debited from the customer’s account for the relevant purchase. In case of cash payment, the Purchase Order is considered accepted as soon as the purchase is completed.
  4. Payment terms are controlled by third-party banks, as well as payment and settlement organizations with which Royaljelly-honey.com cooperates.
  5. By choosing the payment method, the Customer confirms that he/she is aware and agrees with the rules of third-party banks or payment and settlement organizations and the Customer is obliged to unconditionally comply with them and these Terms.
  6. If an online payment option is chosen, the Customer must pay the full amount specified in the Purchase Order, which is calculated at the time of placing the order. In case of incomplete payment (Insufficient Payment or Insufficient Funds) the Purchase Order will be considered invalid and will not be processed in the system. In this case the payment will be canceled and no amount will be charged from the Customer.
  7. After the moment of placing the order in the system, the Customer and Service Providers participating in the Purchase Order are sent appropriate notifications and e. email messages as confirmation of Service purchase
  8. If you have signed a contract with us in advance, you can receive the order immediately or at your preferred time, without waiting for the money to be transferred to our account.

If you do not want to sign contract, the delivery will be made only after the money is transferred to our account. Then our operator will contact you immediately and will agree on the exact delivery time. The corresponding tax invoice will also be sent with the order.

The prices of the goods presented on the Website are final and include all taxes.

Return order

Return of goods of improper quality and replacement

The external quality compliance of each product must be checked at the time of delivery in the presence of the deliverer. Therefore, please check carefully the item in the presence of the deliverer, and in case of defects, return it on the spot or request replacement of the product with the same or another similar product.

In the event of a product of improper quality being purchased for which expiration date has been established, Royaljelly-honey.com will replace it with a product of proper quality or return the amount paid by the consumer if the defects in the product are found within the expiration date. The consumer’s claims are considered if he/she presents a goods or cash receipt. If, upon examination of the goods, it turns out that defects were caused as a result of violation of the rules of use, storage or transportation, actions by the consumer or by the third parties or force majeure circumstances, then the consumer is obliged to pay Royaljelly-honey.com for the examination, as well as the costs of goods storage and transportation related to it.

In case of return of the damaged product, the entire order amount is returned, including the delivery cost. In case of replacement, the delivery of the replaced product is free of charge.

The refundable amount is usually returned by the payment method used during the ordering process:

  • In case of bank card payment, it is returned to the same bank card;
  • In case of bank transfer, it is returned to the same bank account;
  • In case of payment through idram system, it is returned to the same idram account;
  • Payments made through payment terminals or cash are refunded in cash.

If the monetary compensation is made in case of the return of goods of improper quality, no additional deductions will be made from the refund amount.

The responsibility of the Website

The order placed on Royaljelly-honey.com is an offer made by you to the Company to buy or receive any product through delivery. This offer is considered accepted by us from the moment of sending confirmation letter to your e-mail where all the details of the order are mentioned. This letter is considered contract between you and the Website. The confirmation email is sent only to the registered user.

The Company is released from liability for non-performance or delayed performance of its obligations if it is due to the reasons beyond our control.

If any provision of this contract is declared invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of any other provision of the contract.

The Company has the right to make changes from time to time in the Content of the website, in “Privacy Policy” and in these “Terms of Use”.