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To register on the Website, you need to provide the following personal data: e-mail address, name, surname, age, residential address, country of residence and postal code. You can also provide us with your phone number and indicate your age. ensures the confidentiality of the information you provide and does not provide it to third parties. People over 18 years old can register on the Website. You certify that the information provided during or after registration is accurate and complete.

You must sign up to be eligible to post on the Website or to learn about advertisements. We may send certain notifications, advertisements, promotions and special offers to the registered users. We may also send any legally applicable notifications and certain notices, including notifications about the Service or any other changes of our Policies.

We may be required to disclose your personal information in accordance with legal requirements as provided by law. In such cases, we have the right to disclose your personal information upon the request in order to fulfill our legal obligations, which include but are not limited to court decisions, law enforcement decisions, orders, notifications or service claims.

To provide safe and convenient service the information provided by you is used for the following purposes:

  • To provide service;
  • A letter confirming the order, which includes all the information about it, as well as letter about the delivery or cancellation of the order;
  • To support in case of technical difficulties,
  • To meet your needs more effectively,
  • To notify you of news or new services
  • To send information about special offers.

We value you as a customer and we accept that maintenance of confidentiality is important to you. Therefore, we are obliged to protect the personal information you provide. We do not make any direct payments and we do not store your bank card information in our databases. Secured socket layer (“SSL”) technology is used to make payment transactions through the third party service systems (PayPal, idram, etc.).

Your registration information can be protected with a unique user password and username (ID). You should not reveal your password to anyone, and if you use a shared computer, do not forget to log out. Finally, you can use the website as an anonymous user without registering. It is important to note that, as with all electronic transactions, no electronic system is exclusively secure.

Other collected information while visiting the Website

Certain information about your computer is collected while visiting Website; for example, when you visited our website, what pages you viewed, browser type, Internet service provider name (UCOM, Beeline…) and other similar information.

The information collected is not personal, it allows to count the number of visitors, compile statistics about page visits. This information enables us to keep track of our site and make it as comfortable as possible for the User.

Use of cookie file uses cookies. Cookies are font lines that are created on the website. When you visit a website, they are backed up to your computer. Cookies are safe for the computer and they do not collect personal date. The use of the website becomes faster and more convenient due to them.